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Frequently Asked Questions

Who founded Your999 and when?

Your999 was founded in 2015 by specialist IT strategists. The first version of the concept was launched in Dec 2012.

What is Your999's intention?

Your999 is intended to help the public and the emergency services. Now everyone can gather evidence of crime, lost/stolen property, abuse, domestic violence, war crime, dowry crimes or suspected crime and upload it nearly live - ANONYMOUSLY. Similarly, fire and medical incidents can be uploaded by the public for the immediate viewing by the relevant service in order for them to assist. This has been done as people tend to be in a state of distress and not always able to provide an accurate description of what is happening or too frightened to come forward.

Evidence captured through the app is more reliable and valid for legal actions because it is recorded as real-time video and stamped with exact date, time, GPS location and what3words address.

We are linking the public and the emergency services in order to save lives and help solve/reduce crime.

Some of the many ways to use Your999...

* Witness a police incident, provide evidence anonymously

* direct emergency service to the exact location

* encountered a medical emergency and can't find words to describe it, provide visual representation

* make others aware if you observe suspicious activity

* report if you come across something that might be a stolen property, it could be of tremendous value to someone

* capture evidence if you see someone being bullied, harassed or abused, witness domestic violence, spot a missing person

* get found if you are lost and don't know where you are - disabled people can make organisation they are a member of aware of their whereabouts

* capture all situations where evidence matters - insurance claim, dispute, damage caused by leakage, noisy neighbour, environmental conditions and other similar situations

Will you remove videos?

We have a policy of not commenting on individual video removals. Videos may be removed from Your999 for a variety of reasons. For example, the originator may have asked for its removal, there may be persons identified that are subject to criminal proceedings, undue distress may be caused to families or the video content is fabricated.

As the originator you are able to hide your video from being displayed on our website provided your mobile number has been captured on the video. As the originator you may wish to do this if it is a test upload you have made to check how the service works.

Please note that Your999 is a privately owned web portal/service and we reserve the right to remove media/comments without warning or notice.

Why are users anonymous?

Many people don't want their identity to be revealed for fear of repercussions or attending lengthy and intimidating court proceedings, but wish to help in some way. The mobile number used for the recording is held on our server as the originator is able to add additional, specific details.

There is nothing to stop the originator coming forward to the authorities at any time.

In rare, serious cases, the police may require the mobile number of the originating video and, within the specific legislation for that particular country,it may be provided with the requisite authority and restrictions.

Does it cost anything to upload videos?

WiFi uploads do not cost anything but if you are not in a WiFi area and it is an emergency, you can always upload from your SD card via your particular service provider and contract terms. Tests have shown that approximately 5 seconds of video would only cost about £1.00.

Can I upload videos/pictures on your website?

Upload video button is available on our website to upload big files or videos/pictures captured without using our app.

Why are my video files ZERO size?

We feel this is a problem specifically on Blackberry phones where it takes sometime for the Incident Type list to appear. As a result the video gets captured without selecting the Incident type and results in ZERO size. We feel we have tried to address this problem by making some changes to the app.

My upload fails with "Problems with Wi-Fi or Phone connection, unable to upload the file" error

This could be due to file size or problems with Wi-Fi or phone connection.

File uploads are limited to 175MB. Video files created on the latest smart phones tend to be couple of Megabytes in size. Tests have shown that a 2 minute video on BB10 is roughly 100MB. The error therefore could also occur if you are trying to upload a very big file. If your file is big, please try uploading the file from our website or contact us or create a smaller file to upload.

How can I add/amend details for the video I have uploaded?

As the originator you can add/amend location and other details or hide your video from being displayed on our website provided your mobile number has been captured on the video. This can be done using the link on the incident details page.

How does Your999 make money?

Advertisers wishing to reach a particular audience may run specific campaigns.

What personal information does Your999 collect and how is it used?

We do not collect any personal information as part of you using our app and web portal. Your personal information is collected only if you decide to contact us using our Contact Us page and is used purely to deal with the reason you contact us.

For further information please refer to our Privacy Policy