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Missing Persons

Over 200,000 people go missing in the UK every year and some 140,000 of those are children. This has a devastating impact on family members, including emotional heartache, financial difficulties and deep anxiety.

If you see someone who you think, or know to be missing, simply press the Your999 App, record the person on video or take a picture and upload it to the Your999 site immediately.

Uploading the video or the picture will give the authorities and other people who might know the individual an instant assessment of the situation, the location, the time and current description. You may be able to give the family some hope their loved one is still alive.

Remember, you are anonymous so please be assured no-one will know who has uploaded the video or the picture.

Never put yourself in danger.

Example Missing Persons to record:

  1. Known missing person

  2. Suspected missing person

  3. Suspected child abduction

  4. Suspicious family circumstances