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Medical Incidents

Witnessing someone bleeding, having a heart attack or collapsed without obvious signs of injury can be very distressing for anyone untrained in medical care. Many people tend to panic.

If you are speaking to the ambulance service they may ask you record the incident, using the Your999 App.

Simply press the Your999 App and record it. You can upload it to the Your999 site immediately.

Uploading the video or the picture will give the ambulance service an instant assessment of the situation, the location, descriptions, environment, individuals involved, hazards and so on, which will provide them with a suitable priority response. They will be able to instruct you until they arrive.

Remember, you are anonymous so please be assured no-one will know who has uploaded the video or the picture.

Never put yourself in danger.

Example medical incidents to record:

  1. Assaults

  2. Stabbings

  3. Persons collapsed

  4. Serious car accidents

  5. Persons choking

  6. Serious wounds