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Police Incidents

If you suspect a crime is being committed or are witnessing a crime in progress, anywhere in the UK, simply press the Your999 App and record the incident. You can upload it to the Your999 site immediately or keep it on your device for later.

Uploading the video or the picture will give the police service an instant assessment of the situation, the location including descriptions, environment, individuals involved, hazards and so on, which will provide them with a suitable response.

Your recording may be of use for a police appeal at a later date. You can also assist by adding comments - you might know the location of a wanted person, where a stolen car is parked, where someone has been assaulted - gather the evidence and let Your999 know.

Remember you are anonymous; be assured no-one will know who has uploaded the video or the picture.

Ensure your location cannot be discovered if you are recording covertly.

Never put yourself in danger.

Call 999 if it is an emergency and tell them about the incident and that you have uploaded the video to Your999 for their assistance.

Example crimes or suspicions to record:

  1. Assaults

  2. Muggings

  3. Sexual assault

  4. Hit and run accidents

  5. Serious car accidents

  6. Car crime

  7. Anti-social behaviour

  8. Domestic abuse

  9. Drug dealing

  10. Con artists

  11. Stalkers

  12. Suspicious persons in a particular area

  13. Vandalism

  14. Racism

  15. Hate crime

  16. Extremism